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Lunon Haus Kennels (LH Kennels) is a small kennel located in Little Rock, Arkansas, on five acres that specializes in quality Czech bloodlines working dogs; personal protection, search & rescue, obediance, police dogs, and tracking bred puppies and dogs. LH Kennels prides itself on the fact that we can give personal attention to the breeding and well-being of our animals. LH Kennels females are bred to insure quality and maintaining the standards for World Class German Shepherd’s at all times. All dogs used in our breeding program are OFA certified and DM clear.

The mission of Lunon Haus Kennels is to market and produce lines of high quality working Czech bloodlines known for high level performance abilities and trainability along with very good bone structure and temperment. In this growing age of security, LH Kennels will satisfy consumers with the best quality World Class German Shepherds in accordance with the same qualifications also practiced in Germany.

Lunon Haus Kennels (LH Kennels) was founded by Darryl W Lunon and his son Roderick J Lunon who have several years of experience in the business. Darryl holds a MBA degree, 20 plus years of business experience and he is well suited for the business to run it efficiently. Tony Smith, a trainer of police dogs for over 20 years, will advise and provide consultation services. We can provide training of dogs for personal protection and obedience at the customer’s special request.

LH Kennels is a small kennel that does not have a lot of overhead cost to run its business. Therefore personal service, quality puppies/dogs, lifetime consultation for the animal, reasonable cost for the purchase of your puppy/dog, and other dog services to complete their training. LH Kennels guarantees the health of your puppy with a replacement of equal value if there are any life threatening health issues. LH Kennels breeds only the best of German Shepherds from championship bloodlines, along with high quality working Czech bloodlines known for high level performance abilities. LH Kennels prices are reasonable and allow more customers to purchase our World Class puppies/dogs.

All of LH Kennels puppies are born inside our home with care given to cleanliness and climate control. All of LH Kennels puppies are AKC registered with papers. They have great bone strength, confidence and steady nerves. LH Kennels socialize them with our family and other dogs to maintain their balance so when they are trained they can provide the ultimate protection or show performance. All of LH Kennels puppies are bred with breeding, show, and personal protection in mind. Also, they make the best companion dogs one could ever dream of owning. LH Kennels offers lifetime assistance to your special investment. LH Kennels breeds only select German Shepherd dogs that have been x-rayed to be free of hip dysplasia. LH Kennels have researched our breeding lines background extensively to insure we are breeding the healthiest lines. LH Kennels puppies come with a health and hip guarantee and LH Kennels puppies’ beauty comes from lines of the most beautiful dogs from Germany. LH Kennels dogs and puppies are our Family.

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