Hello there,Sorry for the lack of pictures so far! It's been a busy beginning of the year for us and our business! Hope you guys are doing well!Here is what our little baby has been up to!

This is Jag! We haven't agreed on a full name just yet!


Zelda update!! She is growing like crazy. She is 25 pounds already!!! She has learned sit, off, and how to eat a treat. I'm starting her on a few German commands this week also. She still isn't sure about the leash but she is walking on it now, before she would just lay down when it was attached. I hope you and your family have a very blessed evening! Thank you again for my wonderful baby!

~~Our precious Zelda has been with us for 5 years now. She has adjusted well to our twin boys over the last 19 months. Don't tell anyone but she does love them. She is a wonderful family dog and is happy as long as she has her people.




Hi. My name is Jane and I have a puppy from Desi and Bourbon's last litter. Her name is Stasha. I asked Charles and Kim if they would give me your contact info so that we could stay in touch. I would love to hear how Desi is doing in her new home and let you know how one of her beautiful babies is doing. Stasha is 10 months old today and I've attached a photo. She is in training to become a search and rescue dog with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept and CARDA here in California. So far, she is a natural and is doing very well in her training.


She is the BEST dog!  She's an amazing working dog as well as family member.  She adores our grand kids and never lets them out of her sight.  She is very healthy and full of energy but can also turn it off.  In fact, she is laying on the floor in my office as we speak.  She is friendly with everyone which is important for a SAR dog, but can also be protective of her home and family.  We are working on getting qualified in HRD work and hope to have that done early this summer.  We have gone on 7 searches since becoming mission ready last July.  She is quickly developing a reputation as one of the best trailing K9s in SAR in Northern California.  I hope to have many more years working with her. 

Jane 1-2018



Max turns 2 yrs old today 6-29-2015.


He's our big baby for sure!



Jessica & Chief

"My husband still says that he’s the best Christmas present we’ve gotten."

Chief Dyson Vom Lunon Haus and his Louisiana Family,


~And we’re thankful that our sweet boy came from such a good bloodline! We haven’t had any health problems at all and his temperament with the kids is perfect!


Click picture to ZOOM

"I would like to thank you so much, you have made this experience a good one. Never done this before."

Major and Mom

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Major and Dad

Major and his Humans

Major and his Wisconsin Family!   

Major 11 Weeks Old

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